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High-End Sales Center;  
Prices Walk  The New York Times  06/06/10  5,112 K   Preview 

Where the Curious 
Meet the Serious 

The New York Times 05/16/10 1,045 K Preview 

Special Agents: 
The County's 20 
Top Realtors 

The Westchester Magazine  09/22/09 1,439 K Preview

Featured Article: 

The Journal News 04/26/09 1,844 K Preview 

When Independents 
Team Up 

The New York Times 04/19/09 643 K Preview 

Fab $400K 

The New York Post  01/22/09 462 K Preview 

Buying Low 

The New York Post 10/30/08 515 K Preview 

Short Game 

The New York Post 08/14/08 469 K Preview 

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